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Sun to Thu 5pm – 1am

Fri to Sat 5pm – 1am


Chalet Berezka Social Harbour showcases an epicurean taste adventure with a vision to polish and elevate traditional Eastern cuisine to an international level for a multicultural Dubai audience. We aim to achieve this by incorporating local flavours and a fresh approach to service in a stylish ambience. Try our local Hammour with a twist alongside traditional dishes such as Honey Cake, Borscht and Pelmeny. Our Uzbek Bakery serves delectable treats that can be savoured to the heart’s content.

Imagine yourself tasting meals on Chalet Berezka’s terrace and seeing the sparkling lights of Atlantis. With all it’s ambience, the accents of Central Asian cuisine and the good company, these lights become even brighter. It is a beauty of The Pointe that helps, but it’s a dedication of the team that leads your experience at Chalet Berezka to perfection.

Dubai is going crazy about these dinners! Using ingredients and techniques from both East and West, Chalet Berezka is out to prove that fusion can be done without confusion. You may find many interesting combinations throughout the menu - from the popular Korean Kimchi to Chilean sea bass.
A successful life is a harmonious sequence of savoury moments, and Chalet Berezka’s dinners are made for Super People, who are never satisfied with the average results and take only the best from life! Come with your family for a Super Dinner every day after 6PM.

A good party is the one where the guests’ hands are up all the time, and one can drink a cocktail only in the short breaks between songs. That’s exactly how it happens in Chalet Berezka. The restaurant that never sleeps, but sings and dines until 5AM instead! It’s never boring in Chalet Berezka as they serve only courage and total exuberance that turns into vivid memories afterwards! Yes, dears, this is not a joke. And if you love singing - sing only in the best karaoke in Dubai. Do it in the spotlight, make a real show and get plenty of attention and applause. It’s so simple to feel like a star when the whole world is spinning around you. Well, where are you? Coming soon? Chalet Berezka is waiting!

Delicious-Middle-Eastern-Cuisine-The -Pointe
Delicious-Middle-Eastern-Cuisine-The -Pointe
Delicious-Middle-Eastern-Cuisine-The -Pointe

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